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"Amalfi is a wonderful city. If it offered anything worth, you would come here to eat at the restaurant Da Maria, where the professional staff can give you peace of mind and make you forget work troubles with sympathy. Their friendship is the best cure for your everyday worries."

Lawyer. Roberto Manfredi
Amalfi, 17.07.1992

Our story

Our past is linked to Granma Colomba: a hard life where fantasy had its role to make a poor cuisine full of taste. Her working hours spent at the public laundry in the morning, and the Amalfi paper bags paked by hand in the evening. But work makes you feel tired, wrote Cesare Pavese, and Colomba, sitting on her wheelchair, didn't get tired to teach a cuisine soaked with flavours from mountains and sea.

The heir was Luigi, her just fifteen-aged son. Starting from the ancient poor homemade meals (both legumes and many vegetables, homemade pasta and fish), the young man adapts tradition to the times.

Then in the year 1968 the opportunity to buy a place, just a stone's throw from the Cathedral, just in the heart of Amalfi, and next to the most celebrated monument of its history. The tables were only five, and Luigi had no doubts about its sign: Da Maria, in tribute to his wife that much, and more than him, has encouraged this business.

Donna Maria is still here, active and generous with advice to her children. Meanwhile the restaurant is growing and embodies the inviting Amalfitan style.

The menu

The Pisacane Family has a charge of sympathy and their approach is not common, they are the hosts that we all want to meet.

We suggest to leave aside the rich and exciting menu (or if you want, take it away because it is a work of aesthetic taste and imagination) and trust their advice.
So, voice and gesture, like those ones of the ancient bards, will talk about linguine with fresh anchovies or limpets; tubes with baby octopus; marinated flag fish; strips of eggplant with tomato, oregano, garlic, basil; pumpkins and potatoes.

An unexpected list takes into account basically two things: the land, which here ranges between mountains and sea, with unavoidable tangles, and the seasons, with the change of their products. And if the season is right, certainly you will taste wine and percoche (a kind of yellow peaches that mature earlier). Even the wine cellar, full of national doc, features the great wines of Campania.
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